Check Here for COVID19
Guidance and Reources

This webpage is updated frequently.  We recognize that the COVID19 pandemic situation changes day to day.  Updates to the information presented on this page can change quickly and at times may not be the latest information due to the rapidly changing situation.   Please be sure to check for the latest information.

Guidance from the State of North Dakota

Photos of Market and Vendor Booth Setup to Maximize Space and Safety

Guidance from Other States

Real Case Studies from real farms that have adapted to the new way of doing business during a pandemic.  LoveFood Farm Covid Case Study  and PrairiErth Farm Covid Case Study.

Farmers Market Coalition Physical Redesign for COVID19 – video (one hour fifteen minutes) with great photos and ideas on how to redesign your market and booth to promote safety.

Guidance for Minnesota Farmers Markets and Vendors – fact and guidance document

Northeast Organic Farming Organization of Vermont guidance for farmers markets – resources and updates (webpage)

Community Farm Alliance of Kentucky Farmers Market COVID19 Best Practices – (webpage with links to guidelines for their state and ideas for implementation of safety practices at farmers markets)

Perdue University Extension FOOD: A Guide for Farmers Markets to Navigate COVID19, (webpage)

Penn State Extension Weekly Webinar for farmers markets online forum (Free Webinar)

Maine Federation of Farmers Markets COVID19 resources, good photos, fact sheets, and best practices

Connecticut guidance for farm pick up and farm delivery services

LSU College of Agriculture Best Practices to Minimize COVID-19 Risk at the Farmers Market – (webpage)


North Carolina State Extension site – resources that include information about masks, homemade hand sanitizer, guidance on washing reusable shopping bags, shopping and handling groceries, bulk meat sales, etc. and social media images to use for print and marketing with best practices for safety (webpage with links to other pages and face sheets)

National Environmental Health Association - This Farmers Market Safe Operations video addresses issues, potential hazards, and practical solutions for farmers market, swap meet, and produce vehicle operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sanitation Guidelines and COVID Resources from the CDC and Food Industry Partners

Iowa State University Information regarding transmission of COVID via produce (web article)

World Health Organizations Questions and Answers about COVID19 virus illness and transmission (webpage with links to answers)

USDA Food and Drug Administration Questions and Answer on COVID19 including information about masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing, transmission, etc. (webpage with links to articles)

Oregon State University COVID19 Resources – including fact sheets with best practices particularly for fruit and vegetable producers (webpage with links to various fact sheets)

Kansas State COVID19 Resources  - webpage with links to articles about COVID19 including myths, transmission information and information for consumers, producers, and general food safety information (webpage with links)

Cleaning and disinfesting your facility – guidance from the CDC on cleaning and disinfecting your wash/pack facility, tubs, totes, tables, and hard surfaces (webpage)

The Food Industry Association – Resource webpage for guidance on disinfecting and cleaning your food preparation or holding facility (webpage with links to guidance documents)

North Dakota Local  Food Development Alliance collection of COVID19 resources – links to fact sheets, webpages, etc. on a variety of topics including production, managing deliveries, breaking news, partnering with restaurants, running or starting a CSA, payment processing, and connecting with other farmers

Farmigo - Google document with a list of resources


How to make a facemask 


CDC published COVID-19 guidance for agricultural workers and employers


Switching to Online Sales or Ordering

Please double check the North Dakota Cottage Food Law before entering into online sales.  Be sure your product is legal to sell online or that you understand the meaning of 'transaction' and tailor your ordering and sales systems to meet North  Dakota regulations.  If you have any questions, please contact the NDFMGA or the ND Department of Agriculture Local Foods and Marketing Divison.

North Dakota Cottage  Food Law and Guidance

National Young Farmers Coalition Guide to Direct Sales Software Platforms (downloadable pdf)

National Young Farmers Coalition Comparison of online platforms (document)